Do you interestingly want to know the facts and biography of the Zeke Smith who is the contestant of the Survivor: Game Changer show? He was seen on the late night show on the television and grabbed the huge attention with his first appearance. Zeke Smith given a tough competition and made the situation reverses for the contestant Jeff Varner. The show was very surprising last night for the viewers. Readers can check the some unknown facts about the Survivor contestant Zeke Smith here. According to bio information available, Zeke Smith belongs to the Brooklyn, New York where he was working as an asset manager. He performed strongly on the show and made it interesting for the viewers. You can the Zeke Smith wiki, real name and net worth information at this place with some facts about him.

zeke smith wiki

Zeke Smith Wiki

Zeke was a contestant on the Season 33 of Survivor and was fifth Jury member. He spent lot of time on the show and his absence will surely missed to the fans. He is 28 years old from New York came to the Suvivor show. He loves cooking, gym and writing. Zeke was always considered as one of the strong contestant of the show on the television. He is not married and no information about his dating leaked into media. At the elimination time, he was outed as transgender. The made the fans to read more about the Zeke life.

More Facts

You will find many pictures on the Instagram account of Zeke Smith. This shows that he loves sharing the different pictures socially. He likes chatting and hangout with the friends during the promotion of the show. He revealed the inspirations came from Joan Rivers and Helen Keller. In the media, he told that the show had ‘Unprecedented Autonomy’ after the outing from the show. You can watch out the more latest comments and photos from his social media profile.